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Balance Beam

Balance Beam

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Walking, jumping, hopping, and skipping — your children’s favorite ways to get around all require a lot of balance. You can help them strengthen their core and stability with these beautiful Balance Beams.   

Our Balance Beam set includes 5 bases and 4 planks for creating all sorts of balancing fun. Build a diamond shape for your preschooler to travel round and round. Or create a long bridge, perfect for crossing vast rivers of lava!

The Balance Beam is built from solid wood that’s made to last. Your kids will enjoy years of balancing play, from their first wobbly steps to confident skips and hops. Keep them learning and growing with this fun set!

The bases are measured at 28" x 4" x 1" and planks are 8" x 4" x 1"

Ways to Play:

Play a musical balancing challenge! Who can stay on the longest while dancing along with the song?

Kick Simon Says up a notch with some balancing challenges. Can they stretch their arms high overhead or stand on one foot while dipping their toes off the side? Find out with this fun game!

Create a stuffie enclosure by placing the planks in a diamond shape. Then carefully patrol the area to keep them safe and protected.

Stretch your little yogi’s abilities by adding balancing challenges to their morning routine.

Create crazy bridges for adventuring over raging waters or flowing lava!

Create balancing fun all your kids can enjoy with our wooden Balance Beam set! 

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